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28 September 2017


ATE are leaders in ground-breaking wheel safety advancement with the development of Wheel Sentry®.

Protect against wheel loss with Wheel Sentry® - Or double your money back*!

Wheel detachment is an ongoing problem, despite the efforts of road safety agencies. According to the Transport Research Laboratory (TRL), each year up to 11,000 wheel fixing defects occur, causing up to 400 wheel detachments. A detached wheel can accelerate up to 93mph careering up to 50m high, with a collision force of 10 tonnes.

Proper wheel care is needed to prevent damage, injuries and fatalities as a result of wheel loss, as well as VOSA prohibitions, downtime and costly repairs. Wheel Sentry® makes wheel checks easy, assisting early identification of a problem and allowing the re-torqueing of loose wheel nuts to restore the clamping force.

When you consider the inevitable damage to corporate image or brand resulting from a major incident, along with the financial implications, fitting Wheel Sentry® is a low cost insurance policy against wheel detachment. Couple this with a double money back guarantee* against wheel loss, and it really is a no-brainer for the serious commercial fleet operator.

Wheel Sentry® is the only combined wheel nut indicator and retainer system in the marketplace and has been well received across a number of industry sectors, including the commercial vehicle industry. Unlike some other products in the market, the Wheel Sentry® system requires no special tools to apply and is quick and easy to fit, making checking and maintenance a simple hassle-free operation.

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