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28 September 2017

Bullwell Trailer Solutions

Bullwell Trailer Solutions specialises in the provision of maintenance and repair solutions for HGVS. Founded on green policies, the company provides a mobile service to more than 5,000 trailers, tractor units and PSVs across the UK.

Believing that providing a mobile service is the way to introduce quality to the trailer industry, Bullwell has focused its efforts on ensuring that the HGVs it maintains cover the fewest possible miles – allowing Bullwell's more environmentally friendly vans to do the travelling.

Ensuring its clients receive a reliable service, all jobs are logged in the company's bespoke PDA (personal digital assistant) systems which create electronic service records; removing the need to print invoices, reports and transport compliance audits – helping the company's engineers to become 100 per cent paperless.

Providing a 'one-stop' shop when it comes to servicing and repairs, Bullwell Trailer Solutions has also launched an on-site ATF (authorised testing facility) in the last 2 years, reducing the need for HGVs to travel from the service or repair site to the testing site – again reducing the number of miles travelled by larger, carbon-guzzling vehicles.

With 55 engineers located in strategic towns and cities across the UK, Bullwell has managed to reduce its carbon footprint whilst offering an efficient service to its clients – and that's something that the company is incredibly proud of.

Gary Bulley, managing director at Bullwell Trailer Solutions said: "At Bullwell we have looked into the way in which we manage our supply chains, the way we travel and finding alternatives to the need to travel at all; a difficult task you might say when we operate in the transport and freight industry so the alternative is ensuring those vehicles which emit the lowers CO2 emissions cover the most miles.

"Our mobile service has been a huge success and we have proved that this system allows us to repair and service HGVs across the country with minimal disruption to our clients. Couple this with the launch of our ATF and the investment we have made – both time and money – in introducing our PDA systems and Bullwell has enjoyed a fantastic year. Much of this success can be attributed directly to our green policies – after all, whichever way you look at it, carbon costs!"

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