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27 September 2018

Meet the speaker: Dr Phil Greening, The Centre for Sustainable Road Freight

Read the exclusive interview with Dr Phil Greening, associate professor and director of The Centre for Sustainable Road Freight, to hear his thoughts on emissions reductions for truck operators and the latest low carbon technologies.

Q - What role does The Centre for Sustainable Road Freight play in the road freight sector?

We have a portfolio of research projects ranging from reducing the aerodynamic drag, and rolling resistance to the impact of collaboration on logistics operations which provides an evidence to support close to market interventions as well as fundamental research to guide a de-carbonisation roadmap for the sector. We focus on how technology permits improved organisation of logistics, and how new ways of organising logistics informs vehicle design.

Q - What are the options for truck operators who are trying to save on fuel and reduce GHG (Green House Gas) emissions?

Fundamentally truck operators can: improve their fleet through aftermarket vehicle interventions, match their fleet characteristics to the logistics tasks undertaken, decarbonise their fuel, utilise their vehicles better. The centre has worked hard to develop a toolkit which helps companies to attractive interventions to reduce the carbon footprint of freight.

Q - How can fleet managers be sure they are making the right investment when implementing low carbon technologies?

The Centre for sustainable Road freight's research provides a robust objective evidence base that not only identifies the most effective carbon reducing interventions, but also considers the economic implications of these interventions. Furthermore the centre's research rigorously tested by its industrial consortium to ensure the laboratory-based findings reflected in operational practice.

Q - How does your SRF Optimiser ensure operators avoid uneconomic investment in new equipment for their fleets?

The optimiser ranks interventions in terms of carbon reduction and investment attractiveness taking into account payback periods and other investment criteria. Of course, interventions have been rigorously tested in both laboratory practical operating conditions to establish the level of savings that can be expected by businesses. Finally, the optimiser also provides an access platform to other more sophisticated tools such as the blogger, mapper and simulator which reduce the burden of collecting drive cycle data and establishing the impact of interventions against a specific drive cycle and vehicle configuration.

Dr Phil Greening will be delivering the opening keynote talk at the IRTE Conference on 28th September at Chesford Grange, Hotel, outlining the engineering challenges posed by alternative fuels and its impact on the future of logistics - for more informative visit


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