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27 September 2018

Parker Hannifin


Every time you add fuel, you add millions of tiny contaminants, small enough to be invisible, but big enough to destroy injectors, pumps and profitability.

Racor manufactures and supplies ‘matching parts’ identical to those we supply to the vehicle manufacturer but are branded with the Racor logo and sold to the independent aftermarket. These are acceptable replacements for the vehicle manufacturer's own parts when a vehicle is still under warranty but when being serviced and maintained in an independent workshop.

The critical performance factor for any fuel filter is the water separation efficiency. Copy filter elements do not protect the engine from the water in fuel; which in turn can shorten the life of your engine. The high level of proven performance in original Racor products protects your system against these risks.

With our unrivalled global support network, a Parker expert is never far away, wherever in the world you are.

Julie Knox

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