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27 September 2018

S&B Automotive Academy

S&B Automotive Academy is a work-based learning provider based in Bristol and has been serving the automotive transport industry since 1970. It evolved from two group-training associations under the auspices of the Road Transport Industry Training Board and has been operating for over 40 years. S&B is a not-for-profit organisation with surplus funds being invested in improving facilities and services to ensure we are at the forefront of innovation.

S&B Automotive Academy predominately serves the needs of the transport industry and its client base, including a wide base of vehicle manufacturers and importers including truck, bus, car dealerships, repair centres, and auto-electrical and transport distribution companies. It manages and operates apprenticeship programmes for small and national companies

S&B deliver apprenticeships, professional courses such as IRTEC licensing , workshop accreditations and IMI accreditations for the automotive industry. We offer MOT licensing and examiner testing (classes 1, 2 4 & 7).

Julie Knox

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